Although Turkey exported 285 million pairs of shoes in 2020, the export income value of shoes decreased by 11.9 percent to 819.4 million dollars due to an increased demand in products with low added value. This situation promted the footwear industry to take action. Shoexpo İzmir, a candidate to become the new center of the Turkish footwear industry, made its initial launch in İzmir with the participation of Exporters Associations, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Shoemakers, and other sector representatives.

Taking over Shoexpo Izmir Shoes and Bags Exhibition, Nobel Expo received full marks from the participants for presenting brand new content and events that will make a difference. The exhibition will be held for the 47th time in İzmir, a city which meets 40 percent of Turkey’s shoe manufacturing.


Shoexpo, where the newly developed “next – Data Management System” will be used for the first time, stands out with its concept focused on new countries and different markets.

In addition to the regular visitors from Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East, dozens of industry professionals from European countries, mainly Germany, have already registered for Shoexpo this year.


With an ambitious export target of 300 million pairs of shoes, new countries, especially with alternative markets, are invited besides international buyers selected exclusively for Shoexpo by more than 20 Nobel Expo agencies abroad. Within the Shoexpo Buyer Delegation Program scope, procurement committees supported by the Exporters Unions will provide new market opportunities to the exhibiting companies.


Shoexpo İzmir exhibitors and visitors will find the opportunity to closely examine the latest trends and innovative approaches in the sector at the events and fashion shows to be organized throughout the exhibition.

In his speech at the launch, Erhan Çelik, one of the founders of Nobel Expo, stated that the Izmir Chamber of Commerce was one of Turkey's most visionary and exemplary organizations and thanked Chairman Mahmut Özgener for the opportunities and support he provided to its members. Çelik continued his speech, emphasizing that the exhibition organization industry was rapidly transforming alongside many things in Turkey. He added, "Owning a private company that only handles field operations cannot be described as exhibition organization. All sectors and our exports have suffered a lot in Istanbul. A new era begins from now on, both for the exhibition and footwear industries. TASD is managed by the young and innovative Berke İçten. I am sure that he will see this transformation in the exhibition organization industry, which is vital for the sector, and will put an end to organizations that create no added value."
Speaking at the 47th Shoexpo launch meeting, İzmir Chamber of Shoemakers President Yalçın Ata pointed out the change and innovations in the Shoexpo fair, emphasizing that İzmir should take care of the fair and said, “We fully support this fair. We will contribute to Shoexpo with all our strength so that the fair will reach its former glorious days in İzmir, and even grow even more.” Speaking at the meeting, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Shoe Committee Assembly Member Faruk Hanoğlu said, “As the committee, we welcome the change in Shoexpo and give full support to the fair. All stakeholders of the sector should do their best for İzmir. This cooperation will be the biggest driving force for the change that has begun and for the sector to reach the desired trade volume.” he finished.
Speaking at the launch, Erkan Zandar, President of Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association, expressed his satisfaction for the return to conventional exhibitions about a year and a half later and added, “Exhibitions play an essential role in increasing the exports of our sector. İzmir is a city of exhibitions, and we believe that Shoexpo will make a difference to ignite a brand new beginning for the footwear industry. We support Shoexpo and look forward to the international industry representatives who will come to İzmir.”

The 47th Shoexpo İzmir Shoe and Bag Exhibition will open its doors at Fuar İzmir on September 08-11, 2021.


“Bu Fuar 5174 sayılı Kanun gereğince TOBB (Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği) denetiminde düzenlenmektedir”